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Documentation and Surcharges

This serves to notify that with effect from 1 January 2016, our documentation and administration fees shall be revised as below.

Should you need further clarifications, please feel free to contact your respective sales persons.
We look forward to continue serving you.
  Item W.E.F.
1 January 2016
1 Bill of Lading fee S$130 Charge for issuing each set of bill of lading in Singapore
2 Delivery Order fee S$130 Charge for release of delivery order in Singapore
3 B/L Amendment fee S$130 Charge for amendment of B/L-reprint
4 B/L Surrender fee S$130 Charge for surrender of B/L for release of cargo at destination. Full sets of B/L is required.
5 Late B/L Draft Submission fee S$130 Charge for late submission of B/L draft for processing - 24 hours after vessel departure.
6 Documentation fee S$130 Charge for any other documentation services not otherwise specified.
7 Switch B/L fee S$280 Charge for switching each set of B/L.
8 Issuance of Shipping Certificates S$25 Charge for per set of Shipping Certificates issued by carrier.
9 Returned Cheque Administration Fee S$50 Charge for every cheque returned to drawer.
10 Elsewhere Payment Fee S$130 Charge for payment of ocean freight and charges where Singapore is neither the origin or destination on Bill of Lading.
11 Administrative Fee (minimum charge) S$300 This charge is for any administrative or extra-ordinary services.

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