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Consolidation of “K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd and KSP Infosystem Pte Ltd into “K” Line Pte Ltd

Released on 02/03/2018

​We are pleased to announce the consolidation and integration of agency function of “K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd and IT related function of KSP Infosystem Pte Ltd into “K” Line Pte Ltd with effect on 1st April 2018.

This consolidation will strengthen our current corporate structure and provide you with an efficient and seamless operation of our activities with you.

After the consolidation, there will not be any material change to the day-to-day management of your activities with us and we remain dedicated to and pledge to maintain the commitment and quality work of the combined entities.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working with you and we hope you can continue to support us in our exciting new chapter ahead.   


Inquiries can be directed to the following representatives:


“K” Line (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Managing Director - Mr. Geoffrey Ng


KSP Infosystem Pte Ltd

Managing Director - Mr. S. Saito


“K” Line Pte Ltd

CFO & Director - Mr. Y. Itagaki​


Released on 12/01/2015

Kindly note that with effect from 9 February 2015, our new office address is :


11 Keppel Road #07-00

ABI Plaza

Singapore 089057


Telephone : 65-6221 8977

Facsimile : 65-6323 2216/7/8/9


All email addresses, office telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

Japan Customs 24 Hour Advanced Manifest Rule

Released on 23/09/2013

We wish to update the requirements on Japan Customs 24 Hour Advanced Manifest Rule that will take effect on 10th March 2014. This rule will be applied to all containerized cargo, loaded on any types of vessel and electronic manifest must be submitted within the stipulated time frame as required by Japan Customs for risk assessment.

Effective Date : * March 10th, 2014. There will not be any grace period.

SI Submission to Carrier : * Shipper must submit SI to Carrier not later than 2 working days before vessel arrival to Singapore.

* NVOCC customers are responsible to file their NVOCC House BL. Carrier will not be allowed to file NVOCC House BL on behalf.

We thank you for your valuable support and look forward to continue our partnership. Should you require any information pertaining to this implementation please do not hesitate to contact our Sales personnel or our Documentation staff at 6221 8977​


Released on 20/04/2012

We are pleased to announce a new KLINE (SINGAPORE) website with effect from 20th April 2012.